Schedule of Events




Calendar of Events For 1018


January 8th-               Monthly meeting @ 6:30 PM.

February 12th-          Monthly meeting @ 6:30 PM.

March 3rd-                Seasons of Hope- bereavement support group starts 10 AM- 12 noon.

           10th-               Seasons of Hope- 10 AM.                 

           12th-             Monthly meeting @ 6:30 PM

           16th-             Bonnie’s Bus (Parish Parking lot). Registration suggested.-  

          17th                Seasons of Hope- 10 AM.

         24th-               Seasons of Hope- 10 AM.

        31st-                No Seasons of Hope- Holy Saturday.

April. 7th-               Seasons of Hope- 10 AM.

April 9th-               Monthly meeting @ 6:30 PM.

      14th-               Last session for Seasons of Hope- 10 AM.

      29th                Skin Screen-following 11 am Mass

May 14th-             Monthly meeting @ 6:30 PM.

 June 2nd/ 3rd-    Belated Nurses Week display.

         13th-          Monthly meeting @ 6:30 PM.

July 9th-             Monthly meeting @ 6:30 PM.

Aug. 4th-           Pancake Breakfast- 8 AM-10 AM @ Applebees.

         13th         Monthly meeting @ 6:30 PM.

Sept. 10th-       Monthly meeting @ 6:30 PM.

Oct. 8th-           Monthly meeting @ 6:30 PM.

                        Seasons of Hope (Fall sessions) to start- date to be announced later during the Summer.

                       Health & Safety Fair- pending.

Nov. 12th-     Monthly meeting @ 6:30 PM.

Dec.              Christmas Party- date & place to be announced later in the year.

*****Schedule subject to change due to suggestions, lack of participation, etc.

****AWARE sessions, Kidney Screenings, etc. to be scheduled.