Altar Server Schedule

                             4:30 PM                               8:00 AM                                              11:00 AM

Nov 24-25            N Palmer                              R Audia                                               R Byrnes

                             MC Palmer                           R Lanza                                              P Rinschler

                             M Palmer                             J Hadjis                                               A Rinschler      


Schedule for Altar Servers for December 1-2 through March 30-31, 2019

                            4:30 PM                                8:00 AM                                            11:00 AM

 Dec. 1-2             R Lanza                               H Gillespie                                         E McKeen

                            M Korn                                C Gillespie                                         A McKeen

                            M Korn                                K Booth                                              J Kolodziej



Dec. 8-9               J Santee                               E Fitch                                                L Milinovich

                              E Santee                             E Fitch                                                B Milinovich

                              A Rogers                             M Westerman                                    J Johnson



Dec. 15-16          S Fazzini                                 A Morrison                                        M Griffith

                              J Fazzini                               M Fittro                                              E Griffith

                              J Cullen                               J Hadjis                                               M Westerman


Dec. 22-23          H Lewis                               A Tyson                                              M McAra

                              AG Lewis                             C Tyson                                              M McAra

                              M Oliverio                          R Audia                                              L McAra


Dec. 24-25.         Sister Maria will be getting in touch with you for the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Masses.


Dec. 29-30             A Rogers                             S Fazzini                                            P Rinschler

                              X Lopez                               J Fazzini                                             A Rinschler

                              J Cullen                               A Morrison                                         R Lanza


Dec. 31 and

Jan. 1                               5:00 PM                                             11:00 AM

                                         M McAra                                            L Milinovich

                                        M McAra                                             B Milinovich

                                         L McAra                                             N Yates


                              4:30 PM                                  8:00 AM                                          11:00 AM

 Jan. 5-6                A Tyson                               E McKeen                                          N Palmer

                              C Tyson                               A McKeen                                          N Palmer

                              D Lindquist                         M Oliverio                                           M Palmer


Jan. 12-13           M Korn                                P Rinschler                                         M Griffith

                              M Korn                                ARinschler                                        E Griffith

                              N Yates                               R Lanza                                            J Kolodziej


Jan. 19-20           X Lopez                               E Fitch                                                J Santee

                              L Milinovich                       E Fitch                                                E Santee

                              B Milinovich                       A Rogers                                            K Booth


Jan. 26-27              M Fittro                                  M McAra                                           R Audia

                              P Rinschler                            M McAra                                           D Lindquist

                              A Rinschler                            L McAra                                             J Cullen


Feb. 2-3                  K Booth                               E Fitch                                                S Fazzini

                              R Lanza                               E Fitch                                                J Fazzini

                              J Cullen                               A Morrison                                          R Audia


Feb. 9-10             M Korn                                H Gillespie                                         N Palmer

                              M Korn                                C Gillespie                                         MC Palmer

                              J Johnson                            J Hadjis                                             M Palmer


Feb. 16-17           J Santee                                X Lopez                                              H Lewis

                              E Santee                             E McKeen                                          AG Lewis

                              R Audia                               A McKeen                                          J Hadjis


Feb. 23-24           M McAra                            P Rinschler                                        M Korn

                              M McAra                            ARinschler                                         M Korn

                              L McAra                             D Lindquist                                        M Westerman


March 2-3             R Byrnes                               M Griffith                                           R Audia

                              G Byrnes                             E Griffith                                            L Milinovich

                              J Johnson                            J Hadjis                                               B Milinovich


March 6

Ash Wednesday.         8:00 AM                         Noon                                   7:00 PM


                                    E McKeen                      H Gillespie                          L Milinovich

                                    M Griffith                        A Morrison                         B Milinovich

                                    Fazzini                           M Palmer                            D Lindquist


March 9-10         4:30 PM                                             8:00 AM                                             11:00 AM


                              H Gillespie                          E Fitch                                                A Tyson

                              C Gillespie                          E Fitch                                                C Tyson

                              M Fittro                                A Morrison                                        M Oliverio


March 16-17       N Palmer                               R Audia                                              K Booth

                              MC Palmer                         R Lanza                                              P Rinschler

                              M Palmer                            J Hadjis                                               ARinschler


March 23-24       X Lopez                               D Lindquist                                        M Fittro

                              H Lewis                               M Westerman                                  J Santee

                              AG Lewis                             N Yates                                              E Santee


March 30-31       R Lanza                               H Gillespie                                         E McKeen

                              M Korn                                C Gillespie                                         A McKeen

                              M Korn                                A Morrison                                        J Kolodziej